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Project: Fifth Avenue Penthouse, New York

Caroline has sourced antiques for this client for many years and advised on the sale of a family art collection.

When the client bought a penthouse with panoramic views over Central Park, she asked Caroline to create a brightly coloured interior design scheme, suitable for displaying an inherited collection of Chinese objets d’art.

The peacock blue paint on the walls of the drawing room is made up of layers of transparent glaze to create a translucent effect. The ceiling consists of irregular beams carrying the service conduits. It is covered in gold wallpaper, which creates a sculptural effect and casts a warm glow over the room.

The dining room walls are papered in antique French panoramic wallpaper. To increase the effect of a Brazilian jungle, lots of faux tropical plants are placed along the walls. Clumps of bamboos in the window recesses hide an ugly view of a nearby apartment block and prevent the room being overlooked.

The cloakroom walls are covered in a chinoiserie design on a gilded background. Click here to print